Captain David Tokoph and crew, George Krug, Otto Stunke, Brad Donner and Nozipho Prokop, endeavored to set a speed over a recognized course record, sanctioned by the NAA (National Aeronautic Association) of Washington D.C and certified as well by the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale)

The trip commenced and ended in El Paso, Texas USA. The stops along the way were Washington, D.C – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Paramaribo, Surinam – Bamako, Mali – Timbuktu, Mali – Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – Johannesburg, South Africa – Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Krasnoyarsk, Russia – Anadry, Russia - El Paso, Texas.

The most difficult part was in calculating the temperature on the last leg from Anadyr to El Paso as the airport was only open four days a week between 0900 and 1800 local time which is +12 GMT.




The trip was almost ten months in the planning in order to achieve the maximum endurance of the aircraft a Gulfstream GIIB, which was just over 3700nm.

There were the usual challenges to be dealt with operating at flight levels in metric instead of feet and translating weather in meters per time, QFE in lieu of QNH, and of course the language barrier, as in Central Russia and Siberia few people are fluent in English.

So after an all night flight from Krasnotarsk which was our previous stop in Russia, we planned to arrive at airport opening time of 0900 and depart after a crew rest at 1730. The problem at Anadyr is the winter and spring months see temperatures between -50C and -70C  which of course would be too cold for our aircraft to start and not have any hangars in Anadyr we lost the ability to pre-awrm the aircraft to a temperature which would allow the airplane to start.

Luckily for our mission we arrived in Anadyr it was -30C and our handling agent who we must give special thanks to Olga told us we are lucky as a few days previously it was -65C. She thanked us fro bringing good weather.

Upon departure the temperature was -33C so we were still within our temperature limits for the start.

We set off at 5 minutes before airport closing a 1755 local time (0555Z) on the last and final leg of a round the world trip and most importantly the record making sector. Of special note this was the first aircraft to ever fly nonstop from Russia to El Paso, Texas, which is noteworthy, and we hope that in our own small way we have brought the Russians and Americans closer together in mutual friendship.

It should be said that these types of events are adventures and more importantly good fun. It is my sincere recommendation to all who view this site to rekindle your own spirit of adventure and never forget to have fun in life.